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6 Ways to Get More Partner Marketing Funds

More Growth from Partner Marketing:  Six Ways to Get a Bigger Piece of the Pie

Being a partner can entail groveling, begging, pleading and imploring. Yet it doesn’t have to be that way. Now is the time to demand more from your manufacturer, service or software provider relationship. As a partner selling another company’s products or services there are many opportunities to grow your business faster through the benefits of partnership.

Knowing how to get more than your fair share of the resources can make all the difference.

Getting the providers you work with to provide the support that matters, whether financial, or otherwise doesn’t need to be a battle.  Here are five keys to getting a bigger piece of the pie and make the most of all of your partnerships.

1)      Partners that plan together stay together

Involving your partners as you build your marketing plans often leads to added support in the form of both marketing development funds and field engagement. Getting more starts with collaborative planning. Plus, it will lead to better results. It’s a win, win, win.

2)      Finding common ground

For mutual success to occur, it’s important for each partner to realize benefits from working together. The best way to ensure this happens is to work together to understand what each party hopes to accomplish. Defining a single, common goal both parties can agree on is the best place to start. Also, read Partnering for Real Success – Sales and Marketing Alignment Squared,” to learn how to align sales and marketing across more than one organization.

3)      If you don’t ask, you don’t get

When it comes to working with partners, the best way to get more than your fair share is to simply ask for more. Make sure to have a specific proposal and how the partner’s support will deliver something that partner is looking to accomplish.

4)      Success breeds success

Share and highlight the success that comes from your collaborative efforts. It’s easy to forget to promote share results. Sharing a success is the perfect time to gain continued investments and support. It is surprisingly rare to get detailed reports and feedback. The best way to get more than your fair share is to communicate even small successes. When a partner knows their investments have paid off, they will gladly continue and increase their support.

5)      Stop playing it safe

Instead of telling the partner what they want to hear, tell them how they can help grow their business through your efforts. Often the manufacturer side of the partner relationship takes the lead in what, where, when and how marketing is done. Yet, remember you are the one with the direct relationships with the end users. Try something new, tell it like it is and take the lead.

6)      Always, always, always have a plan

Have a plan for what marketing programs would be implemented if extra funds came in and let your partners know you have a plan in case funds magically appear. Many times funds become available at the end of a quarter. When you always have a plan, and your partners know it, they will automatically come to you as funds become available.

Partnership is a two-way street by definition. Competing for resources with other partners is easy when you use these six keys to getting a bigger piece of the pie. Enjoy more!

*Be sure to check out “6 steps to partner sales and marketing alignment”.

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