6 Steps to Partner Sales and Marketing Alignment

Partnering for Real Success – Sales and Marketing Alignment Squared

Partnering can be a challenge — In fact, getting sales and marketing from two organizations to play on the same team has an entirely new set of complexities…and opportunities. It’s difficult enough to get sales and marketing into alignment within a single organization, but add multiple sets of partners and the challenge gets exponentially more difficult. Yet, the rewards of successful partnering are exponential as well, and worth the extra effort. Here’s how to get started.

Connecting the Dots:  Get sales and marketing in a partner-to-partner world working together.

1)      Reward the Behavior

Design incentives to reward partnered sales and marketing efforts that deliver tangible results. Promote successes, tell others how the teams worked together to increase pipeline or deals with net new customers.

2)      Make Actions Simple

Identify the steps that lead to your desired ultimate outcomes then document and share them in an easy to replicate format.

3)      Start Small

Start with a pilot before implementing a larger program. Work with a select set of cross-functional colleagues that already have strong working relationships to design the program. Use your pilot teams to work out the kinks then go big.

4)      Go Grassroots

Get field sales and business development team members networking, making connections and helping partners close deals. Once they taste success, they will want more and so will their colleagues.

5)      Leverage a Liaison

Don’t just roll out a program and cross your fingers everything falls into place. Ideally find a neutral liaison to be the glue that brings the teams together, identifies sticking points and suggests solutions. If you are a partner and you want to get your hands on more partner funding and support, read More growth from partner marketing: Five ways to get a bigger piece of the pie.”

6)      Build a Multi-Faceted Success Board

High visibility brings with it high focus. Developing a cross-functional team not only sales and marketing, but also from departments like service delivery, product development, operations and finance gets everyone playing an active role in the success of a partnered sales and marketing model.

Connecting sales and marketing across multiple organizations can be challenging, yet oh so worth the effort. Start now, start small. Give the relationships the nurturing and discipline they need to fuel the fire, then, don’t let go. Stay tightly in tune with what is working and what isn’t. Tweak when necessary. Promote success relentlessly and get the right team members on board. Connecting the dots is an art and a science. Combine them and realize big results!

Want to get started now? Download the easy to use Partner-to-Partner Sales + Marketing Alignment Builder.

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