Partner Alignment Builder Toolkit

Partner-to-Partner Sales + Marketing Alignment Builder

Getting sales and marketing into alignment across two different organizations.

Start with the Ultimate Outcome

Answer these questions to really understand the envisioned ultimate outcome:

  • What does each partner need to achieve?
  • What are the partners trying to accomplish together?
  • Together describe an agreed to ultimate outcome would look like in detail.
  • If the two sets of sales and marketing teams were working together successfully, what would the desired outcome be?


Clearly identify who needs to be part of the equation. Remember the importance of two-way communication.  Also seriously consider starting with a small pilot program.

Sales resources partner A:

Marketing resources partner A:

Sales resources partner B:

Marketing resources partner B:

Liaison role(s):

Mutual target customers:

Other resources:

Executive sponsors partner A:

Executive sponsors partner B:

Action Plan

What actions need to be taken by each team in order to get to the ultimate outcome?

Describe the actions each team on both sides of the partner relationship need to take in detail.

Sales Actions Partner A:

Marketing Actions Partner A

Sales Actions Partner B:

Marketing Actions Partner B:

Customer Actions

What actions do the mutually defined target audience need to take?

How will the teams get the target audience to take the actions they want them to take?

Internal Communications Plan

How will the program be announced and shared?

How often will internal communications occur?

Who will receive the communications?


Will there be an incentive program?

What actions will earn incentives?

What will the incentives be?

Promoting Success

How will successes be shared?

Measuring success

Describe 5 key metrics that will be used to determine if the needle is moving in the right direction.

What key feedback loops need to be in place?

What tangible results will indicate success?

Who will be on the review board and when will they meet?


How will accountability be ensured on both sides?

What will happen if each side is holding up their end and what will happen if they are not?

How often will the teams have check-ins?

What will be covered during the check-ins?

Who needs to participate in the check-ins?


What will be changed if plans don’t pan out?