Get Your Channel Marketing Back to the Future

How to get your partner marketing back to the future!

Is your partner marketing program stuck in 1980?

Whether your company manufactures products, develops software or provides services, if you sell through partners, you may find that your partner marketing is stuck in 1980.


Take the quiz to see what decade your partner marketing program is living in.


So how do you get your partner marketing back to the future?

Here are 5 steps to take today – no DeLorean required.


How to get back to the future…

Think of the modern approaches you have likely implemented in your marketing efforts and introduce those strategies into your partner marketing. Modern marketing is a great way to both engage your partners and make the programs you design for your partners to use deliver better results.

Here are the four simple steps you can take that will make an immediate impact on your partner marketing efforts.

“It requires something with a little more kick…plutonium!”

Well, it may not need plutonium, yet it does require automation. Automate your partner communications to keep relevant content in front of your partners.  Make sure the information you share has value for the partners.  Highlight the best ways to open doors with new customers. Suggest ways to deliver a truly prescriptive approach to their customers that will drive more sales. Remember to segment your partners for better results.  Check out: “6-step road map to better partner marketing”.

“Great Scott!”

Be sure to connect the dots between marketing and sales within both your organization and between your organization and the partner organizations. By aligning sales and marketing across organizations you will garner exponential results across your respective companies. To get marketing and sales talking and working together to build bigger, better, stronger partnerships that drive revenue, leverage an easy-to-follow format for partnering for success that is repeatable. [Here’s an easy-to-implement format you can start using today]

“Right, Doc, but according to this map, there is no bridge.”

Most marketing teams have mapped the buyer’s journey for their customers, yet many haven’t mapped their partners’ buyer’s journey. Bridging the gap will help vendors look at the marketing and sales process from the partner’s perspective and thus deliver better partner marketing results.

“Where we’re going we don’t need…roads!”

Insert digital, social and mobile into your partner marketing efforts and be sure to integrate them across marketing tactics. Single-threaded marketing doesn’t work in your non-partner marketing plans. Yet, many times partner marketing efforts are still stuck in the past and are episodic in nature. Integrating across multiple tactics will deliver better results. As you are planning partner marketing programs think about how multiple outlets and tactics can work together.

“Think McFly! Think!”

A major challenge for partner marketing from an OEM or vendor perspective is measuring results being one or sometimes two steps removed from the lead process. One way to overcome this is to construct shared dashboards that will not only help you track results, but will also help partners track their results. Define 3-5 easy to track key performance indicators (KPIs) that will give you a good picture of how your collaborative marketing efforts are working.